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It all began in now-long-ago 1995, on 10th May, from an idea by a prominent member of the Sekiz family, Dr Stevan Sekiz, a great visionary and expert in his field. That was the day we founded the family-run company SEMACO, with the mission of producing vitamin and mineral supplements for pets and ornamental animals, and to show that we too can offer quality products that can make the market sit up and listen.

Dr Stevan Sekiz generously shared with us his invaluable knowledge and experience gained in prestigious American and European institutions, and together with our shared love for animals we set out to make the vision a reality.

As with any beginning, things were not easy in the early days – there were many challenges and obstacles. But as we worked hard together to put Dr Sekiz’ knowledge into practice under his expert guidance, implementing the latest scientific discoveries, and taking things step by step to gain the trust of our customers, our products began to make inroads in the market.

In this respect, our job is never done, and besides our high-quality products we also strive to provide professional advice when it is needed – a win-win situation for both our customers and us.

Aleksandar & Sneana Sekiz

SEMACO has a product safety system in place at all stages of the manufacture, processing and sale of its products, and adheres to principles of good manufacturing and hygienic practice (HACCP).

We are always seeking to implement the latest scientific and technological achievements, as well as European workplace and product safety standards, in partnership with prominent institutions and agencies.

Certificate for export in EU market and CEFTA


Then, as now, more than 20 years later, armed with new knowledge and a wealth of experience, we are still working on ourselves and our products, seeking day by day to become better and better, and to ensure the ever-increasing quality of our products.

We have remained true to our vision and our principles, and the proof is in the ever-growing number of satisfied customers. It is you who have recognised and affirmed the values we have cultivated.

Our first priority always has been, and will remain, a happy pet and a happy owner!

SEMACO thanks you all for the confidence you have shown in us!

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